Spider-man Turn off the dark



Wow, wow, wow!! Thank you soo much Bonnie and Jenny Spicola for the best Broadway experience ever. Tour of the set, backstage, special effects and of course the show. As a longtime U2 fan, I was very curious to see and listen to this show, and then, voila! here I am sitting next to one of Spiderman’s landing platforms. Listening to music that could only come from Bono and The Edge, and enjoying the show like the comic book, but even more amazing.

Aaaaand if that was not enough, we then had dinner at the delicious Veselka Ukranian deli in the East Village, followed by dessert at Veniero’s. Truly an excellent experience. Thank you so much girls, I loved it!

4 thoughts on “Spider-man Turn off the dark

  1. looks great mate! How about the music? let us know!…now that you mention Bono: Bono´s interview/book with Michka Assayas is great (witty, acid and thrilling at the time) one of those books you do not want to finish ever…


  2. This trip is kicking off great! I was expecting much more of a road movie with cafe stops and trouble with the electrical regulator but I find you eating mussels as well as a Ukrainian deli and Italian pastries… Way to go!


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