Leg 1 Boston New York City


The start, as usual, was delayed. I decided to go to the gym, still had to pack, clean up the house, etc. So I got a late start. The weather was overcast but warm enough for a T shirt. I rode a solid two hours until past Hartford CT for my first break. My refueling stop was in beautiful Westport. Then the rain started for an hour and a half. I had to stop under as bridge to put on my rain jacket. But my average was obviously shot. When I pulled into Manhattan, the rain stopped in a sly wink from the higher ups.

After changing my soaking clothes and hanging out w Mark and his business partner The Turtle. Mark and I went to the Belgian restaurant around the corner for mussels and Belgian beer. The epilogue for the day was a fun nightcap at Ouest, discussing Garcia Lorca, Buñuel and Dalí with Seth, the best barman in the Upper West Side.

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