Report from UNC Chapel Hill

I am loving University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, I am loving Chapel Hill. Yes it is a village, a vibrant village, but a village. This is probably the perfect environment for a PhD., enough activities to entertain but enough solitude for deep study. I am meeting and talking with everyone I can. I am […]

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Update and UNC Chapel Hill!

UNC Carolina Conferenced on Romance Literatures

It is Monday March 19 and I have only heard from 4 out of 10 universities I applied for, This is the breakdown:

On February 2 I was accepted at UNC Chapel Hill! I could not believe it. I read the email three times and could not believe / understand / comprehend that it was an acceptance letter.I had to ask my colleague and mentor Maggie Caso who sits next to me to read the email to make sure it was what I thought it was. She read it and gave me the worlds biggest hug. To say that I levitated for the rest of the day would be an understatement.

I have been rejected by Duke, U Maryland and UVA, their bad.

I had not applied to U Alabama yet when I got accepted to UNC. So although I loved the “vibe” and my meeting with Prof. Ana Corbal├ín. I did not apply.

Georgetown, Emory, Tulane, U Texas Austin, Vandy and U Tenn. have not responded yet…

UNC hosts the Carolina Conference which they were kind enough to invite me to, and since it coincided with my Spring Break I decided to come.

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