A night at the theatre

One of the advantages of spending time in a city is being able to take public transport -or even walking- to a theatre.

Although I am a big fan of musical theatre, I’m sad to say that my last post about musicals was 11 years ago! In fact, it was my twelfth post in this blog, when I was invited to see Spiderman on Broadway. Fortunately, it was not my last show, but the last one I wrote about. So it is about time.

My Christmas gift this year was tickets to The Lion King. Celia and I walked down Madrid’s Gran Via, our Broadway, to the iconic Lope de Vega theatre. It was packed, and has been for years, not an available seat in the house.

The show was appropriately spectacular, with an amazing cast and orchestra. We enjoyed every number!

After the show we enjoyed a lovely cocktail at my favorite bar: Del Diego.

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