Happy New Year!! A New Year’s Eve tradition

San Silvestre collage

This was my fifth San Silvestre Vallecana 10k (sorry I could not find a photo with the lime green shirt), and it was the most fun.

With no Covid restrictions, 40.000 runners and thousands of spectators participated in this year’s race, making it the most fun to run in. My phone timer says I did it in 1.01 but I am hoping the official time was under an hour so I can leave in a more competitive box next year -cross your fingers!

I am not going to write about the San Silvestre, I already did that here and here. But I am going to encourage you to make fitness one of your New Year’s resolutions. It does not have to be much, but set some objectives: walking a bit more, maybe running a 5k or a 10k like the San Silvestre, maybe hitting the gym, riding a bicycle, whatever. If you lack motivation or are out of shape, take it slow so you do not quit by February. First day just put on your running shoes, or drive to the gym -you don’t have to go in! But the next day go in and hang out for a while, and so on, and so on, so that before you know it, you are feeling better, and sleeping better, maybe losing some weight, maybe making new friends, whatever, the secret is in starting.

So, having said that: Happy New Year and if you run the San Silvestre next year, let me know and we can run together!

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