Georgetown SC to Atlanta. Phone almost kaputt.

As the doctor says in The Prince’s Bride my phone is mostly dead, but not all dead. It randomly turns itself on and off. I’m looking forward to getting a new one tomorrow.

At any rate. After a marvelous week end at the Moon’s, I left this morning after mass. I was racing against severe storms moving in. I travelled for miles along deserted, except for folks going to church, back roads, until it started raining. I found some shelter off the road, under tree canopy cover. It was a sweet, soft rain. I made myself comfortable, lying back on Rocinante and took a short nap!

The second time it trained was on the highway, but it was hot and the sun was shining, so I pressed on.

The third and last rain came when I was in the Georgia Welcome Center. Big shout out to the girls there who were professional, sweet, funny and helped me get set up with the Georgia leg of my trip.

I’m excited to be in a big city. I love the energy and different people that make a city.

Unfortunately there was some confusion on the date of my arrival with my dear friend Quill, so I did not get to stay with him. I did, however, have time to ride around the Emory campus. It is beautiful and I can’t wait for my visit tomorrow!

One thought on “Georgetown SC to Atlanta. Phone almost kaputt.

  1. Si acabas viniendo por estos lares, dimelo y te puedes quedar en casa con nosotros. A David le encantara Rocinante y yo encantada de verte despues de tanto tiempo! Un beso y bon voyage, Ilya


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