Leg 6, day 10 Atlanta to Tuscaloosa, Alabama (with new phone!)



Quill Healy and I finally connected! I rode to his beautiful home this morning and we had a wonderful breakfast catching up and going down memory lane. He has a great family and has survived the real estate rollercoaster ride. Not patronizing but I’m really proud of him.

Emory was great! The campus is a perfect mix of quaint and modern, intimate and urban, impressive and cozy, I loved it! I had a very illuminating chat with Amy, the department coordinator, she is a professional, knowledgeable, caring and very nice person.

I checked my email at the Apple store in the Emory bookstore and ended up having a very interesting conversation with the manager.

Then it was Rocinante time all the way to Tuscaloosa. It was a sunny, not too hot a day, so it was a very enjoyable ride. Around lunch time I got off the highway expecting the usual roadside fare (bad Southern corporate cuisine) and instead found myself in a huge premium mall with top, top, brands. So lunch turned out better than expected at Sweet Bones Alabama. During lunch I found out I was on the Summit mall, serving suburban Birmingham AL.

When I arrived  in Tuscaloosa I found parts of the city still devastated by  April’s hurricane. In fact the T mobile store I went to pick up my phone is still in a trailer. Collin was phenomenal and had me set up in no time with my new phone, thanks.

I still had plenty of time to check out the town. The university is HUGE, by far the biggest I’ve ever seen. I’m excited for my meeting tomorrow!

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