Public Service Announcement (PSA): Wear a hat and sunscreen (and a shirt)!!

The spot comes off

 “Out, damned spot”

Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Shakespeare

As they say: with great power comes great responsibility, since I have the powerful platform that is my blog, it is my job to tell you to wear a hat and sunscreen when the sun is out – and sometimes also when it is cloudy – oh, and a shirt.

You see, I recently noticed a not very nice looking spot on my schnoz, snout, smeller, horn, sneezer, nose. It grew and grew to the point where I had to do something about it.

I sent a photo to my sister who has a dear friend dermatologist Dra. Isabel Aldanondo, who told me it could be actinic keratosis, which can turn into cancer, and should get it looked at Stateside…

So, I searched for a dermatologist close to home and booked an appointment.

Dr. Nielsen is one of the nicest doctors I can remember dealing with. He listens, he explains things, he manages the small talk, and then he grabbed his ice gun and froze my spot: let it go, let it go, and it went – well, after falling off, getting a crust and have that fall off, and finally healing! I recommend Dr. Nielsen without reservations, he and his staff are professional, attentive, courteous, gentle and just overall nice.

In conclusion: use sunscreen, wear a hat, and when possible a shirt, and check your body for weird looking new spots.

You are welcome.

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