On being an academic journal editor

An editor's job never ends

An editor’s job never ends

For reasons that are still unknown to me, the directors of both of the academic journals of the Romance Studies Department have signed me on as editor to their magazines. Prof. González Espitia is the Editor of Hispanófila, which is in his words: “a journal with a long tradition that for over half a century has published essays on literary, linguistic, and cultural topics dealing with the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds.” For this journal I asses incoming articles for fit with our editorial criteria. It is a very enriching job where I learn a lot from the (to me) anonymous authors and from Prof. Gonzalez Espitia’s experience and wisdom. The other academic journal, Romance Notes is led by Prof. Oswaldo Estrada and is also over fifty years old. For this publication I do the final proofreading to make sure all punctuation, notations, etc. are correct and that the article is ready to publish.

Seeing both ends of the editorial process is very interesting and makes me think about my own hack writing. I did send an article for consideration to a Spanish journal last year, of course it was rejected. But once I settle in on my dissertation, I will try again, this time I will shoot for more journals in order to increase my chance of publication.

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