Report on the flora and fauna

Like Lewis and Clark or Darwin on the Beagle, I too, being a natural science and biology aficionado have a research component to this trip. I have made careful observations on the flora and fauna along the way. Although my trip is far from over, here is a detailed report on my findings:


A lot, except in central Texas. I love the huge magnolias, but my favorite are the humongous rhododendrons.


Armadilloes: Six, dead on the side of the road.

Birds: Many of the regular variety, plus of the falcon and vulture kind. A lot of egrets/herons in Louisiana of all sizes and colors, proving that you can never be too thin nor too cool.

Buffalos: none

Cats: a few strays around gas stations and hotels.

Cows: thousands

Deer: A bunch, the first one on the lawn of a house in Georgetown in Washington D.C.

Donkeys: unexpectedly, a lot.

Goats: Also surprisingly a lot, even of the rare Boer breed.
Fish: mostly dead and fried, on my plate.
Horses: hundreds
Lions: none, although I did see a sign for a drive through safari park in Texas. These, however, are not recommended when you are on a motorbike.

Sheep: Remarkably, none

Squirrels: Of course, although less than in New England
Skunks: half a dozen, (see armadilloes)

Zebra: No, wait, no (see Lions)

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