Leg 9, day 13 Houston to Austin. The Ecuator of the trip

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I had heard about Australian hospitality and it is all true. Last night I had not taken my helmet off, I had not even gotten off Rocinante and I had a beer in my hand. After a great night’s sleep, I was not out of bed and David had already put a cup of hot coffee in my hand. He cooked eggs just taken from their own chicken coop – nothing tastes like fresh layed eggs! And black sausage, and my first ever Vegemite sandwich! (it’s very salty). David is also a biker with a retro Ducati, a classic BMW and a dirt scrambler! Baby Finn is a super sweet one and a half year old, and the dogs Pulgas and Wasabi are also right up there on the super nice list! I am blessed to have Isabel as my Godmother, and as a result Ilya as my friend – almost family. Thanks guys my stay w you is a highlight of my trip.

After a load of laundry, dryer, checking email and getting sorted out I rode down to Mancuso’s Harley, an old classic dealership. After 2.500 miles in the heat Rocinante deserved an oil change. The dealership is great, old school, cozy, none of the flash of the new places. Mancuso was a drag racer and one of his (double engined) bikes is on show. Khon did a great job with Roci. Thanks!

With the whole day still ahead, I could afford to take back roads in the Hill Country all the way to Austin.

Note to self: Never ever cross Texas in the middle of summer on your motorbike.

The ride was beautiful, but the heat was blistering. I had the best BBQ brisket, and pecan pie in a tinny roadside joint. The new oil in Rocinante reached 250° so I had to stop every half hour: for lunch, for water, even for a siesta in the shade of a tree. I must have drunk over a gallon of water in the over 40°C (over 100°F). I finally made it to Austin, and to the hotel pool.

Tomorrow I visit UT Austin and I start heading home, sad.

  1. Bailey says:

    yay..so glad you had some fried okra!


  2. Kevin says:

    it is so awesome to follow this blog, thank you don! i believe i’ll be in cambridge by the time you get back.


  3. Hola querido Antonio! Ya lei todo tu blog, y me encanta que vas tan bien y con buenas perspectivas futuras. Y que maravilla que has probado al fin Vegemite, comida de Dioses. En casa se nos puede acabar cualquier cosa menos el vegemite. Va un abrazo grande.


  4. The Turtle says:

    My friend maybe I can get rucio and ride back with you.


  5. Meredith says:

    Keep that note in mind!!! Glad you had such a wonderful visit, baby Finn is adorable! Can”t wait to see you back on the city and hear all the details. : )


  6. Rich says:

    You are an inspiration to those that are younger than you…even if only by a few months. 😉


  7. Ilya says:

    Hey there,

    espero que hayas llegado muy bien a Boston y seguro que tendras muy buenos recuerdos del viaje. Tambien espero que tengas mucha suerte en tu nuevo colegio. Nos encanto verte!

    Te dejaste unas bandanas por aqui, a que direccion te las mando?

    Besos, Ilya


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