Day 5, Duke (and recon. UNC Chapel Hill)




A few things impress you about Duke, even before you get to Duke. First, it’s massive. Then the architecture is very cohesive (except all the new research buildings and hospitals). Unfortunately I could not get an appointment, but I had a wonderful chat with Denise Wilborn, the department coordinator. She gave me all sorts of great advice and maps, definitely the extra mile!

On my ride out of Duke I saw the Ronald McDonald House, so big shout out to my sister Rocky for working at Ronald McDonald House in Spain.

Brunch was at Elmo’s Diner downtown. Big shout out to Katie Gaddis for the awesome recommendation – scary how my students know exactly the food I like!

For the hottest part of the day I managed to stay cool catching up on the hotel’s computer, doing laundry, and enjoying the pool.

I managed to move up a day my appointment at UNC, so I am running a day fast which gives me extra time to enjoy my riding and I can take more back roads!

In the afternoon I rode to Chapel Hill twenty minutes away. It is beautiful. I can’t wait for my meeting tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 5, Duke (and recon. UNC Chapel Hill)

  1. The family and I DEFINITELY went to Elmo’s Diner when we visited Duke! I was obsessed with it and had the best meal- an omelette with potatoes and toast of course!


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