Leg 3, Day 4 Washington DC to Durham NC – Duke



After a traditional Georgetown student breakfast at Booeymonger, I ventured to the office of the Spanish and Portuguese Department. I was inconceivably lucky and Prof. Alfonso Morales-Front, the Head of the Department happened to be in his office and received me. Now, I’ve been to a lot of important meetings and I’ve met very important people (which my modesty does not allow to mention here), but probably because I was not expecting to meet anyone I was really nervous, I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. At any rate we had a very nice chat and he was very positive and encouraging.

Then it was on Rocinante for the next eight hours! With breaks for water, bathroom, fuel, lunch, and navigation. Through Virginia and into North Carolina.

Having finally cleared the Northeast corridor, I took Historic route 1 and it was gorgeous: farms, forests, rolling hills, and many, many rivers. I also rode by two American institutions: Marine HQ in Quantico and the Philip Morris HQ in Richmond VA.

I am excited about Duke tomorrow, although again I do not have an appointment…

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