The plan, the philosophy, the equipment

The plan: To visit 11 universities covering 5.000 miles and 18 states in three weeks. Visit campuses (campii?), talk to people, see towns, eat the local foods, and get a feeling for the lay of the land.

The philosophy: Minimalist, carry only the stuff I can carry in my duffle bag. Not buying any new or special equipment. I did have to purchase some safety equipment: small flashlight, glow sticks, first aid kit,and a puncture repair kit (more on that later).

The equipment: Rocinante, a five year old Harley Davidson 883, which pisses oil from the air intake.

The universities:

  1. U of Maryland
  2. Georgetown
  3. Duke
  4. UNC Chapel Hill
  5. Emory
  6. U Alabama
  7. Tulane
  8. UT Austin
  9. Vanderbilt
  10. U Tenn
  11. U Virginia

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