Open letter to my hosts and friends


Dear Mark, Jenny, Spencer, the Moons, Quill, Ilya, David, Finn, Pulgas and Wasabi, Lisie, and Catherine,

Opening your home and giving your time to a tired, weary, and poor traveler is one of the highest forms of charity. You all did that for me selflessly, generously and graciously. You made my trip. Sharing your home, Broadway tickets, your food (including leftover Thai food), your beer and old books (David), your knowledge, and your time, made me feel welcome and more importantly, loved, something I badly need in this time of solitude.

Needless to say that my trip without you would have been lacking, empty, and despite the heat, much colder.

You cannot imagine how happy I am to have you as my friends, despite the many different roads that brought us together. There are old friends from university, and from work, family, and old students. You are all wonderful, and I love you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.